Everything you need to know about our Automated Traffic Splitter!

We believe YOU are our most important asset (closely tied with the home-made snacks our team members bring to the office on occasion ). All jokes and cravings aside, we value your input and aim to give you the best product on the market.

Innovation, dedication, and customer support is what our team strives by every day. In order to have a continuous stream of product growth and improvement, we are implementing new features, bug-fixes, and updates on a biweekly basis. Recently released features include e.g. the Fraud Report, CryptoCurrency options, the URL Checker, and many more!

One of our newest updates added to this list is our Automated Traffic Splitter (Auto TS).

Communication with your publishers and traffic optimization is required to go hand in hand if you want the best results. Effective and clear communication with your publishers is a necessity if you seek to maintain a strong relationship whilst avoiding the waste of traffic. Our newest tool: Auto TS is your saving grace that helps with exactly these two key factors for success!

How does it work?

Auto TS allows you to only send ONE customized tracking link which will give you the option to split your traffic based on predefined criteria. Traffic can be redirected to multiple offers based on your choice. By using our Automated Traffic Splitter, you make sure traffic is optimized for every publisher whilst providing them with just a single link! You can alter the traffic distribution without having to ask your publishers to change tracking links numerous times.

What benefits will I gain by using this tool?

There are two main benefits gained by using our Auto TS, the first being flexibility. Instead of continuously adding new links, you will only have ONE link to send to your publishers. You can make as many changes to the traffic distribution as you’d like, add as many new offers as you prefer, and still only keep this one link. Your publisher doesn’t need to make any changes. This is immensely helpful if they have a big network for instance. Saves a lot of time, right?

The second benefit gained is the ability to do effective A/B testing.

You can customize this tracking link by altering the traffic distribution in two main ways. You can either opt for Weighted or Targeted traffic distribution.

Weighted distribution essentially means that you can distribute the traffic weight over multiple offers. Let’s say you have 3 offers running. The main one, A and two redirects, B and C. With the Weighted option you can run your traffic through offer A and distribute your exit traffic to offer B and C and adjust the proportions as you’d like!

The targeting option can be used as a fallback solution. In case the targeting is not correct, instead of wasting your traffic, you are now monetizing it with an alternative offer. Targeting criteria are mainly GEO, Connection Type (e.g mobile, Wifi, etc.), ISP (e.g Vodafone, etc.), Device.

Remember, you can make as many changes as you want in the background. There is no need to send multiple links to your publisher.


Send one link and ensure that your publisher’s traffic is reaching the offer you want to.


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We want to continue to keep our product improvement at a high pace by adding quality and polished updates, just like our Auto TS.

In order to do this, we need your feedback and suggestions. If you have any thoughts about new features, you’d like to see added to the vene dash platform, don’t hesitate and let us know!


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Kenneth Bruring
Product Marketing