7 Tips to keep your Affiliates motivated and happy

One of the biggest challenges that the ad networks are facing today is to keep their affiliates happy, motivated, and willing to try new offers and drive as much traffic as possible to the campaigns. It might seem easy and go without saying but in reality, it’s a difficult task that every affiliate manager carries out on a daily basis. All networks are competing with each other for good quality traffic from their publishers, trying to keep their advertisers happy and push their revenues up.

Now, what is the secret to keeping your publishers happy? Read on to find out the way publishers operate and our insider tips to boost their motivation and engagement.

Professional support

Most affiliates, especially the ones who have been in the affiliate business for a long time, know exactly where to find the materials they need to promote your offers, how to set up the campaigns, what works for them and what is the best way to make money. It is, however, still important to give them the feeling that you are there for them and make yourself available to answer any of the questions they might have.

Even if your current tracking solution is a self-service platform and is providing tools and a knowledge base that allows your publisher to find answers by themselves, providing more personalized support will give you a chance to learn more about your business partner and traffic source. This way you will gain insight into strategies they use to generate leads on your campaigns, discuss ideas on how your offers and campaigns can be improved to increase profit, as well as build a good and lasting relationship that will allow you to agree on, for example, testing new offers faster than before.

Competitive payouts

Any business needs a way to make a profit and affiliates are well aware that ad networks are keeping part of the payout paid by the advertiser as a commission (usually between 15% and 30%). This is, of course, absolutely fair, considering that an affiliate network is providing full support to both parties as well as the technology needed to run any performance-based campaign.

That said, it is important for a network to withhold a reasonable commission that will allow its own business to be sustainable as well as offer attractive and competitive payouts to the affiliates. It is often the case that the advertisers offer a standard payout to ad networks and affiliates they work with and these are often the same. There are, however, ways to negotiate better payouts by, for example, providing steady and good quality traffic to the advertiser’s offers. This can often serve as a base for negotiations where both your network and your partners come out winning.

On-time payments

No matter how good the relationship between the affiliate manager and the affiliate is, paying your affiliates on time, and using ways that will ensure a full payment without any withholding fees (e.g. via PayPal, bitcoin) is a very considerable reason for them to keep working with your network. No matter how much revenue your affiliate is generating per month, it’s important to respect their efforts and pay on time. Keep in mind that for some affiliates these payments are their budget to reinvest and buy more traffic for your campaigns (especially if they are doing media buying or work with sub-affiliates) so postponing their payment might affect your network performance and revenues, too.


There are people who love the competition and use the affiliate marketing industry as their playing field where they compete and challenge themselves as well as their co-affiliates day after day. If they love it so much and strive in such an environment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in the game 😊 Create competitions on who will generate more sales during a given week/month, or will deliver a certain amount of traffic, etc. – you get the gist, and then give out prizes corresponding to the difficulty level of your competition. If the prize is tempting, your affiliates will do their best to get it and you will benefit from the results. Make the prizes even more attractive by giving out bonuses or even physical rewards and the results will be remarkable. Don’t forget to announce a winner and show the prize they got to show to everyone else that the competition was real.

Tokens of appreciation

Who doesn’t love birthday cards or little gifts for Christmas or Easter? Your affiliates love them as much as you do, no matter how big or small your present is – it’s the thought that counts. Sending a Birthday or a Christmas card is a token of appreciation and is an easy but very effective way to show that you are thinking of them and value your cooperation. Keep in mind that some of your affiliate partners might be working with your network only and will especially appreciate such gestures on your behalf.

Exclusive deals

One more thing that can keep your affiliates motivated is to make sure they get exclusive offers first. It’s quite common to find the same offers in more than one network, and affiliates need to make a choice which network to work with on a daily basis. If you make sure to give them exclusive offers, especially good performing ones, your publishers will keep coming to your network for more. Everyone wants to run unique offers that bring results, don’t they?

Share your knowledge

Last but not least, providing ideas or case studies to your publisher that will help them find new ways to promote your campaigns and increase their revenues will increase their motivation and willingness to try your offers and invest time and effort in testing them.

Current affiliate communities offer quite a lot of ideas and suggestions on how to optimize campaigns and get the best possible results, however, insights like which traffic sources are good, which segments perform best, which day/time campaigns perform their best, are always appreciated by the affiliates and are taken into consideration. Also, if a new niche or product is performing well in your network, feel free to motivate your affiliates to try it by providing complete case studies and guidelines on how they can be successful with that.

In short, creating a good and stable relationship with your affiliates is the most important thing if you wish to reach high revenues and profits. It is a fact that affiliates are the ones who know better how to attract customers and generate conversions and can give you insights that can help develop new marketing strategies, improve your KPIs and create better campaigns. Although technology provides many tools to automate procedures and communications, still personal contact is undeniably the best way to create engagement and keep motivation.

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