XDear clients and costumers,

VENE will discontinue the operations of its business.

The board of MGI has taken the decision to fully focus within the media segment on the programmatic business and run off the influencer and performance marketing unit.VENE will wind down operations during the upcoming weeks.We would like to thank you for your support and trust. We are at your disposal for any questions.

VENE team

Expert's Choice Award 2020 goes to vene dash!

The Finances Online team of experts has been working tirelessly to examine hundreds of performance marketing software solutions present on the market today for stability, ease-of-use, feature performance as well as value for money. And we are so proud to announce that our vene dash platform was awarded three! awards – the Expert’s Choice 2020 Award, the Supreme Software 2020 Award and the Great User Experience Award 2020! What an honor to be so highly evaluated by the Finances Online team!

Vene dash under the microscope

The Finances Online team has also taken the time to feature our product in a very detailed review where they analyzed how our customers could benefit from using vene dash. Among the top benefits are:

  • Comprehensive campaign tracking and reporting
  • Proprietary Fraud Protection
  • Digitalized billing and invoicing
  • Leading customers to the best offers
  • A wealth of API integrations
  • Digital File Storage
  • …. and more

“vene dash lets you manage site traffic through its Smartlinks functionality. You can create tracking URLs embedded with promos that can be strategically placed or activated on your website. With this, you can direct interested parties to the best performing offers, increasing the likelihood of conversions as a result.”

The experts also analyzed how vene dash can solve our customers’ problems and answered those questions. To name a few:

Problem #1: People have to go through various platforms to manually check offers.

Solution: Through its automated URL checker, vene dash automatically verifies the validity of offers. This drastically reduces the amount of work on the user’s end.

Problem #2: Companies running mobile subscription offers are plagued with misleading promos and malicious means of acquiring traffic, such as auto subscriptions and in-app traffic, from their publishers.

Solution: vene dash’s proprietary multilevel fraud protection guarantees that users are protected from all kinds of fraudulent activities, especially in highly regulated markets. vene overwatch, the platform’s antifraud tool, can block or flag malicious traffic and keep publishers in check.

Problem #3: Legitimate customers are being flagged for suspicious activity.

Solution: Rather than offering risky sub-domains, vene dash provides separate domains for customers. This eliminates the risk of flagging individuals who are out to purchase goods.


To read the full review, click here.

Try vene dash for yourself and get ready to be impressed!