XDear clients and costumers,

VENE will discontinue the operations of its business.

The board of MGI has taken the decision to fully focus within the media segment on the programmatic business and run off the influencer and performance marketing unit.VENE will wind down operations during the upcoming weeks.We would like to thank you for your support and trust. We are at your disposal for any questions.

VENE team

Get the most out of your time, use our URL Checker!

Many people who are trying to grow their business fast need to make trade-offs in terms of what to focus on. Focusing on one aspect of your business most likely means putting other aspects on hold. Growing your business means making the right decisions and getting the most out of your available time. This is the keyword here, time. Despite our business targets, personal goals, or patience (especially when being stuck in traffic :), we are all time-bound. And this very often relates to our business.

There are, however, some things we all can do to put a positive spin on our time limitations regardless of the situations we’re in.

-Try to keep a solution-oriented mindset

Instead of seeing time limitation as an obstacle or disadvantage, try to see it as a challenge! Set smart business goals and keep a realistic time frame. By doing so, you are automatically thinking of new and innovative ways to achieve the success you deserve.


Are you also very chaotic? Do you tend to forget everything you need to remember like me? Lucky for us, there is still hope. A schedule can become your best friend. Try to write down all your major activities during the week and see how much time you have left. You can then use your spare time to plan your goals accordingly. This will result in a very structured and clean way of operating. A structured mind will help relieve a lot of stress trust me!


Automation is the holy grail of time efficiency. The more aspects of your business you are able to automate, the time you free up you can spend on other important business goals! ( .. Or secretly watch that new episode of… NO). All jokes aside, Automation can significantly improve your business both directly and indirectly.

The vene dash team is strongly aware of the BENEFITS OF AUTOMATION. We update our platform with new features and fixes on a biweekly basis and try to integrate Automation in numerous ways to make sure you can operate efficiently. One of our key features is our improved URL Checker!

URL Checker

Our URL Checker is an automated offer validation tool that runs several times a day and notifies the assigned account manager when an offer is not redirecting to its corresponding landing page.

If an error is detected, the URL status automatically switches to ‘Alert’ or ‘Warning’.

Whether the offer redirects correctly or not, the URL Checker always displays helpful information containing the time of the last check, original/final URL, and visualizes each link of the redirect chain.

As you might know, ads often lead to error pages and result in wasted traffic and, in turn, to revenue loss. The vene dash URL Checker allows you to spend your time on what really matters and forget about wasting your traffic.


In conclusion, having the correct mindset, scheduling, and being more aware of the benefits of Automation helps you be more time-efficient and spend your precious energy on what deserves your attention the most. Now go and watch that new episode on Netflix ;).

Kenneth Bruring
Product Marketing