Home office? The “non-standard” tips and tricks to boost your productivity

Our lives have changed so quickly in the past few weeks as the novel COVID-19 became a pandemic. As travel comes to a virtual halt, schools, shops, and small businesses close, and governments react, most of us find ourselves stuck in our homes to avoid and halt the spread of this virus. As our lives changed, so did our working habits. Most of those working in the affiliate marketing industry have the luxury of working from home, which of course is a good thing. It does come with its challenges and many not only miss being in the office and having their day well structured but also feel that completing routine tasks might be taking longer than usual.

There are plenty of articles on the web talking about how to structure your day and not go crazy in isolation. We’re not going to repeat that advice and would like to focus on something different. Below is our take on how to make your home office day more efficient.

Communicate with your colleagues daily

This might seem like a small thing but is what will make all the difference to your day. Saying “good morning” and checking if everyone is fine is a great way to start your working day. Do your best to keep the team spirit alive! Humans are social beings and isolation can play nasty tricks on us, which is why it is so important to feel a part of the team and sharing the good vibes. Yes, this crisis will pass but our team will stay – making the most to keep the team spirit alive during this time will pay off big in the long term!

Find new ways to communicate with existing and new partners

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many industry events to close, thus shutting the door for many companies to new business opportunities and networking.  To not let this situation influence your business too much, set some time apart to become more active in forums, Skype or Telegram groups, etc. and identify people who are interested in your business and seek contact with them. Checking up on them and asking how they are coping with the current situation is a good ice breaker and can open doors that otherwise could have been shut. Use this time to get closer to people and build relationships that will be useful after the COVID-19 crisis.

Use this time to learn new things

Now is a good time to take advantage of those awesome initiatives taken by many organizations that made their content available for free to support people in their learning and development journey. Many offer free tutorials, videos, and even certifications on topics that can help you take your knowledge and skills to a completely new level. There are also plenty of articles and free videos on how to simplify your daily work talking about new strategies and techniques as well as different ways to organize your day better.

Since most of us are working from home now we no longer have a chance to simply chat with a colleague during a coffee break (unless you make it virtual). Use some of the time that you would otherwise use for breaks to better your skills and check out some interesting tutorials – they usually don’t last long but will make an impact for you in the long run.

Keep your schedule

One of the biggest risks when working from home is that the work never goes away and we don’t manage to draw the line between work and private time. It’s a good practice to start your working day as you usually would, keep your breaks (lunch, coffee break, etc.), and try to finish your work on time. As with any job, there will be moments when you probably would need to go that extra mile to finish a presentation on time or make sure things get delivered but let that be an exception rather than the rule. Studies show that most people stay productive for about 6 hours/day (usually in the morning), which is 75% of the usual full working day (let’s assume it’s 8 hours). Therefore, it’s advisable to finish your important tasks in the morning when you’re full of energy and keep some less important tasks to the afternoon (trying to not postpone tasks till the next day). We all need to recharge our batteries at some point and the home office should not stand in the way of it.

Test, test and then test some more or how to make your schedule work for you

Times, when office job was 9 to 5, are gone and this is a good thing, especially with the current lockdown. In the world of the internet, it’s possible to be connected 24/7 and be able to do your work when it’s convenient for you, depending on your situation. This is especially true for those who have families with children and need to find ways to combine work (while still being productive) with family. It’s easy to get distracted or not being able to find a quiet place to work if you have little ones running around all the time. Therefore, don’t be afraid to check with your team if working early in the morning or late at night is a possibility. Give it a try and see whether it works for you. If it doesn’t, test another option. Keep in mind that you will still very likely be required to be available during the key working hours for your colleagues and partners to make sure the work is done efficiently.

Turn on some music!

Many love having some background noise while working, be it music, TV, radio, or anything else, whereas others get distracted by it. If you fall into the first category, listening to music you love can foster productivity, give you rhythm & energy, and will keep you efficient. Pick a tracklist that will help you be creative and concentrate. We do, however, recommend avoiding anything that might cause extra stress (like listening to news or reportages). Use this time working from home to “free” your mind from the stress that the current COVID-19 crisis is causing to all of us and fill yourself up with good energy!


It’s not a secret that even a few minutes of physical exercise help relieve stress and boost productivity. Use the time you previously used to commute to get active! Go for a quick run or walk, do some yoga, or even a full workout. This is often not possible if you have to commute to work but now is a good chance to get your heart pumping and getting some positive energy that will fuel your day.

There are plenty of resources online as well as workout apps that will help to get you started – all you need is to set your mind on it!

Let’s turn this lockdown to as much of a positive experience as possible!

Your vene dash team