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How to run a successful CPI affiliate network?

How to run a successful CPI affiliate network?

Are you an app owner looking for the best marketing strategy for your product? Or, would you like to offer some advertising space inside your app? Either way, you’re probably thinking which advertising strategy is the most appropriate for you. If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, the Cost per Install model is what likely will suit you best. Read on to find out more.

CPI has been a buzz word for a while and in the last years, more and more networks focused on CPI campaigns due to their profitability. If you ask any affiliate marketing veteran about it, they will probably tell you that CPI campaigns are synonymous with profit and high revenues. As you can imagine, things don’t stay the same and a lot has changed since the beginning of this business model. Due to many fraudulent activities and malicious apps, strict regulations have been put in place and many apps and developers have been blacklisted. Nonetheless, CPI business is still there, and it is still a very lucrative segment worth looking into. If you’re interested in creating your own CPI network, there are most definitely opportunities to explore and we would like to give you some tips to help you succeed.

What is a CPI network?

A CPI network is an affiliate network that focuses on running Cost Per Install (CPI) campaigns. This means affiliates are promoting applications that need to be downloaded and installed by users on their mobile phones. Affiliates are then paid per each Install. This is not the only condition though. Users not only need to download the app, but they also need to start actively using it so that the Advertiser (the company that developed the app) can generate revenues via this app. Revenues are mostly generated via in-app advertising or in-app purchases. Given that the conversion flow is rather simple (download and install the app), such campaigns have a higher conversion rate compared to the common CPA campaigns. Sometimes users need to adjust their mobile rights in order to be able to download the app, but this seems to be the only complication in the user journey.

5 Rules to boost your CPI network

1.     Fraud monitoring

As mentioned above, one of the biggest risks that CPI networks are facing is fraud. Fraudsters looking to generate high and fast revenues via fraudulent campaigns are always searching for new techniques and tricks to generate conversions. This is why very close monitoring of your campaigns should be on your priority list. Should you see an extreme increase in your conversion rates or other KPIs, this often means that the traffic behind your campaigns isn’t “clean”. While it’s almost impossible to control hundreds of campaigns simultaneously, a well-developed anti-fraud tool is a good solution to keep your campaigns protected and safe.

2.     Traffic quality

Another tip to make sure your CPI campaigns are running well is to check the quality of your traffic. It is quite common for the affiliates to generate a high number of installs but if users remain inactive, Advertisers can’t generate revenues via their app. Therefore, to keep your Advertisers happy it’s important to monitor your campaigns closely together with them and then boost or block traffic sources based on the revenues they generate.

3.     Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are often underestimated but it is a strong tool that could and should be used to keep your publishers in check. Providing all info required to run compliant campaigns, but also making clear to your publishers that they need to respect and follow your T&Cs to receive their payouts is a good way of managing them. In any case, when proper tracking is used, the affiliate manager will see the fake installs right away and the publisher not respecting the T&Cs will lose their revenues anyway. Therefore, make sure to keep your T&Cs up-to-date and don’t be afraid to apply them if necessary.

4.     Know your affiliates and traffic sources

Another important point is to build a good relationship with your affiliates and to know exactly where your traffic is coming from. Doing so will not only help you send the right traffic to the right offer and achieve better results; it will also minimize the risk of generating leads that afterward might be considered invalid. Our advice – stay close to your affiliates and try to work with direct publishers delivering their own traffic as much as possible.

5.     Create quality creatives

Optimizing the creatives you use to promote an app will not only help you improve your banners’ CTR and attract more users, but it will also trigger users to use the application and engage with the product (which is exactly what you want). There are different KPIs that can be monitored on the advertiser’s side (e.g. number of active users, time spent, loyalty, behavior, etc.), which in combination with the parameters that can be forwarded, starting from the moment the user clicks on a banner, can be used to optimize the overall campaign performance and increase the ROI.

How can vene dash support you with your CPI business?

Vene dash as an all-in-one tracking platform that comes with a built-in fraud protection solution, powered by vene overwatch – the industry standard in fraud protection. This means that your CPI campaigns are always monitored and protected by a software tool specialized in identifying and handling fraudulent traffic. You can either flag traffic sources that are suspicious or block them immediately, to avoid them reaching your advertiser’s offers. Additionally, you can keep suspicious conversions on hold, or you can even redirect suspicious traffic to alternative offers so that it can still be monetized.

Furthermore, vene dash allows you to receive and process data from your advertisers, which can be used to better monitor and optimize your CPI campaigns. E.g. You can receive a notification when the app you’re promoting is getting installed, but also when it’s getting uninstalled so that you can identify partners that might generate fraudulent installs. You can set up different event types in your white-labeled platform and have better control over your campaigns. In combination with the detailed and flexible reporting system, you can monitor your campaigns at a glance.

We have recently released impression tracking – a feature that allows you to track the performance of your creatives. With this, you have a complete overview of all your campaigns’ performance running through vene dash.

If you’d like to find out more about vene dash, or if you are about to start your CPI network and you have more questions, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo with the vene dash team.