Why do you want to use a fully transparent tracking platform?

How important are accuracy and transparency in the Affiliate Industry?

It’s no surprise that both are amongst the top priorities of many Affiliates, especially given the highly competitive and engaging nature of the industry. Building a strong network with reliable relationships in any form of business is a necessity for long term success. If you want to maintain a strong relationship with your Publishers, you ought to be accurate in your reporting and operate transparently. What exactly does this mean?

Strong business relationships are built with trust and reliability. To enforce these values, you must effectively operate, and portray these operations to your Publishers with accurate data that is communicated clearly and transparently. The main obstacle that obstructs the communication between you and your Publisher is fraudulent traffic.

Fraudulent traffic, in a way, can be compared to real car traffic. Let me give you an example. Stop signs, traffic lights and priority lanes are all ways to regulate everyday traffic, and yet, accidents still happen. To get a clear picture and understanding of a traffic accident, officials must objectively analyze the situation and communicate the gathered information as accurately as possible. More accurate information means a better alteration of regulations which results in minimized future accidents.

My point is – fraudulent traffic can be minimized but is still inevitable. There are powerful fraud protection tools like vene overwatch used by vene dash that help minimize fraudulent traffic and we strongly advise to use these.

The bottom line is that to keep strong relationships with your Publisher seek out the invalid Conversions/Postbacks and reject them, so they won’t generate false revenue on your reports.

Keeping out fake revenue from your reports generated by fraudulent traffic results in increased accuracy & clear communication with your Publishers, which in turn enforces a strong relationship. Believe me when I say that this will benefit you in the long run!

To help you do that, we have recently launched an amazing feature that helps to keep your reports accurate and transparent. Check out our very own, Event Status Changes!

This feature is an amazing addition to our NextGen tracking platform. It allows you to reject Conversions/Postbacks to your liking as well as exclude Conversions from your reports that didn’t generate revenue to keep reporting accurate.

We are adding new innovative features on a biweekly basis. Want to know more about our Key Features? Check them out here, or contact us at info@venedash.io