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Why you want to promote your offers on multiple landing pages

Users encounter hundreds of landing pages daily when browsing the internet. Landing pages can have different shapes and forms – for example, it could be a designated page where a user is taken after they click on an ad, or it can be a page that follows a call-to-action button. Very often a landing page serves as a home page of a website.

In short, a landing page is a website page with a specific purpose – to convert website visitors to leads. While there are many types of landing pages, they all serve the same purpose – create leads.

You probably wonder why we are even talking about them, right? If you’re reading this article, you’re probably working in affiliate marketing or are looking to enter this industry and hence you ‘get’ how important landing pages are. Research shows that the more landing pages are used to promote a business or a product, the higher the chance of visitors interacting with these offers (Marketing Sherpa‘s Landing Page Handbook, 2nd edition).

There are three good explanations of why more landing pages lead to more leads.

1.     More landing pages lead to more conversion opportunities

It’s as simple as that – the more landing pages you have to promote your offers on, the higher the chance your offers will convert.

2.     More landing pages offer more variety

Have you heard a proverb “variety is the spice of life”? Well, it’s true for marketing as well. The more choice and more variety users get, the higher the chances for them to convert. The same is true if users see your offer in multiple places – more often they see it, the more likely they are to take the action you want them to take. This leads us to reason number three.

3.     More landing pages mean more targeting opportunities

Whether you want it or not – segmentation and correct targeting matters. Identifying different buyer personas and segmenting them according to the KPIs of your choice will pay big in conversion rates. This is why you want to give your publishers a possibility to promote your offers on more than one page and send your offers to carefully selected and targeted traffic. Landing pages help you and your publishers tremendously in accomplishing this task efficiently.

With multiple landing pages, you have the option to sell the same product/service in different ways, to different types of customers. Also, those working with landing pages know that constant optimization of a page is what brings good results. This means that, for example, changing button color, text size, a phrase, or an image, might affect the conversion rate of the page. This is how multiple landing pages occur… This is why the more landing pages you have, the higher your chances for excellent results.

Now that you know why multiple landing pages are important and why you want to promote your offers on more than one page, let’s see how we at vene dash can help you do this.

vene dash offers a very easy and efficient way to promote your offers on multiple landing pages. You need to create your offer only once and then add as many landing pages as you wish. The links to these pages will appear next to the offer URL. Simply copy them and send to your publisher – no more cloning of offers and sending multiple communications! Easy-peasy!

To get a better view of this feature, check out our little video below.

If this sparked your interest, sign up for a free demo or reach out to us at info@venedash.io