XDear clients and costumers,

VENE will discontinue the operations of its business.

The board of MGI has taken the decision to fully focus within the media segment on the programmatic business and run off the influencer and performance marketing unit.VENE will wind down operations during the upcoming weeks.We would like to thank you for your support and trust. We are at your disposal for any questions.

VENE team

Common Questions

Answers to your Questions

After your sign-up on the webpage our sales team will reach out to you within a few hours. After we received few points about your company and what you are looking for, we will provide you your login details within a business day.
vene dash offers different pricing plans, covering all kind of budgets. Our current price plans can be found here: https://venedash.io/#pricing. Our plans are made based on the needs of small and medium enterprises. If none of them suits your current business needs and you want to discuss how much your current conversions would cost feel free to contact us for a custom proposal.
With vene dash you can change the logo and favicon on both vene dash main login as well as the publisher portal. Additionally, when setting up the instance a custom instance name (e.g. example-dash.vene.io) and a custom tracking URL is available.
You can set your own custom domains for both platform access and your tracking links. When requesting your own platform login, we will create a domain that uses the following structure: example-dash.vene.io (replace example with your preferred name with max. 20 characters) You can choose the domain name you want as in the example above with up to 20 characters. Of course, it also possible to implement your own custom domain altogether.
vene dash gives you the option to create multiple users with different user roles (privileges). These roles can be selected by you as the Admin and are always adjustable.
vene dash provides a free trial period to new customers interested in testing the platform and features. By the end of the trial your requested plan is activated if you wish to continue, and the monthly payment cycle starts.
vene dash allows you to easily import your current advertisers and offers by using csv files in a specific format. Our account management team will assist you with the migration from the first moment. Your publisher can sign-up through the publisher portal in order to accept your Terms and Conditions. Alternatively, they can be added manually. Contact your account manager to suggest the best solution, based on your business needs.
vene dash as an all-in-one tracking solution, besides of providing the technology and infrastructure to set up, track, monitor and optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns, provides most of the features in the Starter package. The Enterprise package and Custom package additionally include: Full fraud protection package with Fraud report, Billing feature to handle publisher payments and requests, Intelligent smart link with automated traffic allocation to the best converting offer, Publisher offer recommendation e-mail, Public Offerwall feature for new publishers
With Google Cloud we have teamed up with the best provider out there to host your platform. Depending on your location we can currently setup new instances in Europe (Germany), Asia (Singapore) and South America (Brazil). Our cloud infrastructure allows us to relocate an instance anytime, if the business requirements change on your side.
Yes vene dash focuses on maximum security and therefore provides secure SSL certified tracking links by default.
In order to activate a new instance, you need to complete our sign-up form and provide some company details after our sales team has reached out to you. We would need company details (e.g. Legal Name, Address, Primary / Finance contact, VAT), your preferred domain name, preferred base currency and preferred platform location.
The vene dash platform is currently only available in English but our customer support team can assist you in different languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Bengali.
vene dash is a multicurrency platform, that means that you select which currency to use for your reporting and offers. The same applies also to your publisher, who also has the option to select the currency he prefers to work with. Currency conversion is done based on the rates provided by the European Central Bank ( ECB ), that are updated centrally on a daily basis.
Vene dash invoices can be paid on a monthly or annual basis via wire transfer & paypal. If any of those payment methods are not available in your country, feel free to discuss with your sales manager, about alternative solutions.
For vene dash clients or anyone interested in promoting our vene dash tracking platform you can find out more about our referral program here: https://venedash.io/referral/
vene dash provides API integrations with major tracking platforms as well as many adnetworks. Altogether we have more than 30+ API integrations live and we keep adding more each month. Custom integrations are also available and can be requested any time – reach out to us to receive the recent list of all integrations. We also provide the full API documentation for publishers API and for pulling reporting data into your own BI system.
We offer setup and onboarding support to speed up your migration downtime and start-up time, hassle free. With our onboarding packages, you are not left alone. We do the initial setup for you. Feel free to book a training session with one of our customer success managers.

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